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Is moissanite more Valuable than a diamond?

June 29, 2022


Are you a bride-to-be? Or are you that individual who is a jewelry lover? No matter what the case is, stones are always essential to consider. Stones not only enhance the beauty of jewelry pieces and make them more attractive, but they also help enhance the value.

There is a wide variety available in the market to choose from. However, diamond and moissanite are two options that always remain in trend. To many people, no difference exists between diamonds and moissanite as they look very similar. However, the actuality is slightly different as there are a lot of differences that exist between diamonds and moissanite. So, which one of them is more valuable? And which one should you opt for?

Well! The answer to these questions lies somewhere in the content. So make sure to read the whole article very carefully. Let’s start


Diamond vs. moissanite- which one is more valuable

First, it is essential to understand that being more valuable doesn’t always mean ” More expensive.” Instead, it sometimes refers to the objects that add more value to your life.

Hence, if you are measuring the value of moissanite Singapore in terms of price, then a simple answer to your query is; No, moissanite is not expensive or “ valuable” then diamond. However, if you are measuring the stone’s value in other terms, then below are some reasons of us into the moissanite is more  valuable than diamond;

It will not break your bank.

One major drawback of diamonds is that they are usually costly. The same is why not all individuals can afford to purchase it at moissanite online store. However, the case is not identical to moissanite. Instead, they are available at cheaper rates.

So, if you are a person who is having a wedding next month but does not have a budget to purchase a diamond ring, the moissanite can be a good choice for you to go with

They are more attractive.

You will be amazed by knowing the fact that moissanite refracts more light than diamonds. Hence they produce more vital brilliance and appear sparkling than the diamond.


As we already discussed, moissanite is less expensive than diamond. Hence they are cost-efficient and allow you to buy a larger stone at a lesser price.


Moissanite is produced in labs and is not sold until the required amount of clarity is ensured. Hence, you will not find any moissanite with significant inclusions and blemishes.

Looks fantastic for a long time

Last but not least, another benefit of buying moissanite is that they look amazing in almost every jewelry piece.

Hence, you now don’t have to worry about the stones of your necklace, bracelet, or ring getting g dull as moissanite stays gloomy and sparkly for a very long time.


On the bottom line,  diamonds and moissanite are two famous stones used in jewelry. However, does diamond hold more value than most?

Well! The answer in terms of price is: Yes. However, in other words, moissanite adds value to a person’s life in many ways. For instance, it is cost-efficient, more attractive, and transparent and does not requires you to break your bank.

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