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Can Moissanite Be Your Next ‘Superstar’ Jewelry Stone?

May 25, 2022

Moissanite jewellery

In a world where diamonds are the traditional choice most especially when buying an engagement ring, Moissanite is starting to emerge as a jewel that many people are falling in love with.

Moissanite jewellery

Although Moissanite is often misunderstood as a cheap Diamond simulant, it’s a completely different mineral.

It is a naturally occurring mineral that can only be found in meteorites. 

Since it’s very rare, advanced technology has backed the supply of Moissanite through careful lab creation. 

Unlike most gemstones, Moissanite has the potential to rival diamonds for its beauty and durability.

The most common questions among jewellery buyers are “Is Moissanite jewellery worth?” 

“Is it better than diamonds or any other gemstones?” 

“Which moissanite online store produces the finest Moissanite of the highest grade?”

Moissanite is significantly less expensive than diamonds

Moissanite is the new diamond alternative for women who are looking for affordable jewellery.

Being lab-created means no physical labour and mining is needed, making the production process of Moissanite less expensive. 

Unlike diamonds, Moissanite has no cultural connotations that interfere with its pricing.

The inflated price of diamonds drives people to appreciate Moissanite’s fair pricing considering it’s similar appearance and brighter sparkle.

A Moissanite gem costs around one-tenth of the mined diamond of equal size. Hence, you can own a larger stone at an affordable price!

And in case it gets lost (which we hope won’t happen), purchasing Moissanite has a lower risk than diamonds which cost tens of thousands!

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Moissanite is quite the hidden gem!

Moissanite is a stone that has made a game-changing entrance into the jewellery industry. Apart from its price, it has only recently become popular due to its properties. 

So if you have to pick one to represent you as a piece of jewellery, shouldn’t you look into the properties of the stone first?


With a 9.25-9.5 hardness rating, you can also be sure that your moissanite gem will outlast a lifetime and survive everyday wear. 


Its refractive index of 2.65-2.69 indicates more brilliant than any other gemstone. It is cut distinctively than diamonds to emphasise the sparkle. So, the possibilities of designs are endless.

The display of spectral colours which is visible when you move the stone adds to its beauty due to its fire dispersion of 0.104. 

While its lustre of 20.4% makes the one wearing it stand out in any setting. 

Moissanite is Conflict-Free, Ethical Choice and Eco-Friendly

Being lab-grown, Moissanite is free of mining and mining conflict. Its origin can be traced hence you can guarantee that it’s ethical in nature, compared to bloody diamonds.

When you purchase Moissanite jewellery, you are not supporting the destruction of precious natural resources and their negative effects on people and the environment.

Although Moissanite is created using electricity, the carbon footprint from the production is insignificant unlike mining a diamond.


Surely with Moissanite, you can have the jewellery of your dream without the consequences of rising debt or draining the bank account. It is a gemstone with quality, durability and beauty. Whether it’s a ring, earrings, pendant, necklace, or bracelet, Moissanite can make fine jewellery pieces.

So, is Moissanite worth buying and can it be your next jewellery stone? Definitely!

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